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What´s the best DPV?

For exploring a huge wreck in open water, you will choose a different diver propulsion vehicle as for passing through an endless tunnel in a cave.

For comparing dive scooters, the most important things are:
Speed, range and it´s size/weight.
We make it easy for you to find your right one, here you can find all the specifications of various dive scooters.

  • The Aquaprop is the first compact, travel-friendly underwater scooter which also meets the exacting standards of  scuba divers and swimmers. This scooter features a very low weight of just 6 kg and ca...

  • The Bonex Reference DPV The small Bonex Reference is provided with an one of a kind emergency drive switch as a standard element. The emergency drive switch is its very own piece of the electrical cir...

  • The Bonex Reference RS The magic label “RS” has especially in Germany a long standing tradition and let’s the hearts of all motor sport enthusiasts skip a beat. Following the principle, th...